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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training Options

体育365The following ongoing, high-quality, and rigorous training options are offered through Santa Barbara City College for our faculty, staff, administration, and the community we serve.

  • Offered entirely online for free, every semester through SBCC non-credit. Open to all. Contact cruze@dandypewter.com体育365 for enrollment information.

    体育365This entirely online 16-hour personal and professional development class will help participants identify implicit and explicit forms of inequity that are pervasive in our society, and their effects. Participants will learn about how oppression operates at interpersonal, institutional, and ideological levels through a specific analysis of the system of racism. ​After completing this course, participants will be able to:

    • Articulate the social identities and social positions that serve as the lens through which we perceive and experience the world.
    • Identify implicit and explicit forms of inequity that are pervasive in our society, and their effects.
    • Explain the methods through which implicit and explicit forms of inequity are upheld and perpetuated in our society, including how different forms of oppression operate at interpersonal and systemic levels.
  • Offered entirely online for free, every semester through SBCC non-credit. Open to all. Contact for enrollment information.

    体育365This is the second course in the two-part Equity Mindset Series. This entirely online 16-hour personal and professional development course will help participants learn specific ways to become effective and accountable collaborators for a more equitable and just world. It is highly recommended that participants take the courses in sequential order. After completing this course, participants will:

    • Develop greater perspective about how social change occurs so our individual roles can be more clearly defined.
    • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the experiences, stages, and phases we should expect as we continue growing as change agents.
    • Begin building and utilizing a personal database of methods and styles for disrupting oppressive statements/behaviors and changing oppressive attitudes.
    • Have a toolbox of best practices for engaging in inclusive interactions in diverse groups.
    • Gain knowledge and tools to help young people become change agents for a more equitable and just world.
    • Gain knowledge and tools to make workplaces and institutions more equitable and inclusive.
  • Offered free through SBCC Faculty Professional Development. Open to all, to complete anytime. Contact for access.

    Research shows that online course delivery widens the already existing opportunity gap, disproportionately impacting our already at-risk students. This 2 hour entirely online, asynchronous, and self-paced training will inspire you to design and adapt your online courses in ways that improve your teaching and positively impact all of your students. After completing all 4 modules in this training, you will be able to:

    • Better understand the features and characteristics of equity and inequity
    • Apply an equity mindset to the creation and refinement of your course structure, materials and assignments
    • Apply an equity mindset to your teacher-student communication
  • 体育365Offered free to SBCC faculty- On hold until face-to-face meetings resume.

    体育365“Recognizing that racism goes beyond personal prejudice, Crossroads offers a distinctive Power Analysis of how racism functions in institutions, and offers tools to create antiracist transformation.”

  • 体育365The seminar is an introduction to LGBTQ+ terminology and definitions that seeks to build empathy to better support the LGBTQ+ campus community. Hosted by SBCC Title IX department and presented by our friends from UCSB's Resource Center for Gender and Sexual Diversity (RCSGD). Participants learn the power and importance of language, most prominently in usage of pronouns for transgender and gender non-conforming people. By the end of the seminar participants will gain practical tools to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for the LGBTQ+ campus community.

    Stay tuned for information on the scheduling of the next seminar for SBCC staff and faculty.

  • All faculty, staff, and administrators are encouraged to complete one or more of the above trainings, along with continuing their own self-education around diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  • Presentations are streamed live, and then uploaded to Youtube once captioned.  For a full schedule of upcoming events, click here.

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